Nature Writing

I am most myself when I'm exploring nature -- barefoot, messy, hair blowing, a spare chocolate in my pocket. On a really good day, you'll find me at the beach. When I travel, I seek out mountaintops, waterfalls, creeks, canyons, the woods, and any other beautiful scenery. Last summer I spent five days in a canoe, in 110 degree heat, surrounded by the hum of thousands of mosquitoes, but in beauty. No matter what, the beauty always heals.

City Creatures Blog

I'm a frequent contributor to the Center for Humans and Nature's City Creatures blog. My essays often center on children and nature, and my observations on backyard wildlife.

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Animals on Display

In 2015, the Center for Humans and Nature released an anthology of nature writing. I was honored to be asked to contribute a piece to their chapter on Animals on Display. I took the opportunity to write also about Edith Rockefeller McCormick, who donated the land for Brookfield Zoo, and with whom I've become somewhat obsessed.

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