Other Writing

Still here? Wonderful! Here are a few other places where I've been honored to have my writing featured.

Mutterhood Magazine

A good friend of mine started a wonderful online magazine, Mutterhood, that features really fun writing and amazing photography. I've contributed a few pieces to them, including two in the issue, Industry. Those pieces were An Industrious Woman and InterdependANT. Also, in days long since past, I wrote articles for Chicago Wilderness and Mothering magazines.

Click here to view the issue Industry

Encyclopedia of the World's Zoos

I also have a number of entries in the Encyclopedia of the World's Zoos.

Click here to check out the Encyclopedia on Amazon.com

Andrea Friederici Ross and Kids

In 2015, my kids and I had a close brush with death. We were exploring a beautiful part of Alaska when things took a turn for the tragic. In trying to make sense of the situation, I wrote about it. Then I learned about Outdoor Families Online, a wonderful digital magazine that celebrates nature and children. In a strange twist of fate, the acquiring editor there even knew some of the people involved in my story. Small world!

Click here for the story!